Men teenagers may be more prone to do high-risk sexting behavior to seem admired and convinced

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7 julio, 2023
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Men teenagers may be more prone to do high-risk sexting behavior to seem admired and convinced

Men teenagers may be more prone to do high-risk sexting behavior to seem admired and convinced

Such research try consistent as well as in line with results from inside the the literary works one to men send and receive significantly more intimate messages [fifteen,23], if you’re women perceive riskier consequences, absolutely need had negative knowledge consequently they are less than deeper social pressure [six,43]

Finally, about internalizing and externalizing behaviors, it seems that only the externalizing scale has a relationship with sexting in motivations, expectations and behaviors. In fact, conducting linear correlations, externalizing behaviors are related to positive expectations, both sending ( p < 0.001)>

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Sexting are an experience referring to the brand new sending/getting off intimately specific texts, images and movies [step 1,2]; generally, this is done via mobile phones: recently, indeed, this technology has actually pass on one of kids and you will young adults globally [fourteen,15,16]. Sexting can have each other an adaptive setting to bolster the newest personal and intimate relationships (intimate objectives) and you can a faster transformative be the a confirmation of your adequacy of the human anatomy (looks visualize support) or to obtain likes from anyone else (instrumental/aggravated) . Possibly teenagers play with sexting to stop negative feelings when they do not have the information for much more effective emotion regulation [8,9]. Furthermore, it has been established by the certain education that psychological dysregulation, emotional trouble and bad feelings (outrage, loneliness and you may focus trying to) normally predict high-risk sexting in the young adults .

Within large panorama out-of studies towards the sexting, discover, although not, some less searched portion like the relationship anywhere between sexting standards and motives together with possible dating one to an adult–younger defenses have with sexting. Furthermore, while the sexting is actually a behavior that takes place online, they vital to take into account the determine you to Websites social networking dependency possess on sexting practices and several studies have linked it to help you signs of Internet and social networking addiction and online gambling [11,45,46,47]. The reason for this work would be to take a look at the psychological–behavioural doing work, the use of defensive strategies, social media habits as well as their relationship having sexting dimensions (motivations, expectancies and you may behavior). According to previous breakthroughs regarding the literary works , i very first wanted to look at the the relationship between sexting standards, motives and routines, pregnant an influence off expectations to your most other dimensionsparing gents and ladies in sexting proportions, a big difference exists within the sexting habits in which men possess a great higher score than simply girls as well as in several subscales of Sexpectancies Survey, bad requirement regarding the sending sexts and confident requirement on the acquiring sexts.

This type of investigation could well be away from form of importance to focusing on how new image of on your own while others will be determined by sexting expectancies. Indeed, bad criterion in the delivering sexts describes opinions that people which accomplish that hobby is filthy, stupid and you may vulnerable along with compare confident requirement throughout the searching relates so you’re able to values that individuals who located sexts try admired, horny and you may pretty sure. Within this perspective, teenagers could be influenced by such viewpoints in engaging in or otherwise not sexting practices as well as in development a bad notion of that would sexting. Which impact appears to be according to research by the most recent books specifically to your first data in the sexting expectancies held of the Dir and Cyders one to discovered a higher sexting hobby and you will large self-confident traditional in boys.

Concurrently, the new regressions accomplished subsequently showed that the good standard in the sending was predictors of all reasons to possess sexting (intimate objectives, muscles picture support and you can important/aggravated) and just have sexting behavior, given that very first hypothesized.

not, along with this type of performance, the motivation to strengthen human body visualize are predicted from the each other confident criterion throughout the giving and you can negative expectations of finding sexts, an urgent result. It could be hypothesized one to due to the fact a person’s notice-picture was negatively impacted by getting otherwise which have acquired intimate messages, the person will be inclined to enact comforting and strengthening habits of an unreliable notice-image.

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